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Church Contacts

Rev Soba Sinnathamby Minister

01608 642256

Sibford Gower

Colony Road, Sibford Gower, Banbury, OXON 15

About us….

The roots of Methodism in Sibford go back to 1820 when house meetings started in the village. The growth of the meetings resulted in building a permanent chapel on the current premises. In 1962/63 the building was refurbished, making it a simple and welcoming place of worship.

Throughout its history, the church has seen both upliftment and upheavals. In all situations, the community rallied around and supported the church.

The village has a history, deeply influenced by the Quakers. The Society of Friends, the local Anglicans and us Methodists form the Christian community in the village and we worship together on special occasions.

Church Closure

After 194 years of Methodist presence in the village, members of the church decided to cease worshipping. It was purely on the basis of the limited resources they had and the diminishing possibilities of community engagement.

The last service was held on 01st June, 2014. About 80 people gathered to give thanks to God for his faithfulness over the years and to offer their support to the members who have lost their church with which their lives are deeply rooted.

The service was, although tinged with a sense of sadness, an occasion filled with thankfulness and satisfaction.

Members of the church and the wider church family know that the church has served its purpose and that in God’s eyes, there is a time and season for everything.